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Keeping a Sketchbook

Artistis talk about it all the time, keeping a sketchbook. I happen to have two ’emergency’ sketchbooks in the car, an assortment of sizes and paper types at home and another collection of sketchbooks at the school where I teach. I still end up drawing on napkins, receipts, and the back of menus. I use watercolor (a Cotman Mini Watercolor Set lives in the car) sharpies, prisma pencils, ball point pens, graphite pencils, colored pencils, woodless graphite pencils, assorted markers . . . if it makes a decent mark I probably have it and have used it. I try not to paint and drive, saving that for when someone else is at the wheel. My mentor and friend, Walt Stanchfield, confessed to occasionaly drawing while driving during the years he made the commute from his home in Solvang to the workshops at the Disney Studio in Burbank. I shall make no such confession here.


TV sketch 02

drawing from TV

TV sketch 01b

more TV sketches







From the San Francisco Zoo



ideas for my sister’s book


Keep a sketchbook, it is your visual diary. There are so many wonderful folks to follow that post their sketches in their tweets and Instagram.  I will start tweeting my sketches but till then here is a collection of sketches done over the last year.


Do check out my former Disney compadre, David Pimentel’s blog & instagrams, another “Walt kid” and fantastic sketch artist. https://twitter.com/drawingsdp



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