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There were so many wonderful things that happened at CTN this year, but one of the highlights was drawing in a Gesture workshop led by my fellow ‘Walt Stachfield’ devotee, Dave Pimentel. Above is a sketch I did of the amazing costume model John Tucker aka ‘Tucker’, when I was at Disney. Below are sketches I did in Dave’s workshop of Tucker’s modeling partner Daniella, and then a few I did of the two of them modeling together.

coco003aThe sultry spy Daniella, Tucker’s modeling partner at CTN 2012

HIllbilly Tucker

‘Hillbilly Tucker’ bringing home diner to a very excited and pregnant wife – done at CTN Nov. 2012


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Story format can be horizontal or vertical. If you are drawing for storyboard for film keeping a horizontal format is key. For many of us coming from an illustration background or class we will have the habit of drawing and designing on the vertical. Keeping in mind the standard screen ratio of 16:9, the easiest thing to do when sketching is to simply turn your sketchbook or ipad on the horizontal.

I made a short video that goes into a bit more detail, enjoy.


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