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Documenting Your Work

trialer trash & catEasy to overlook, and often regretted, many of us do not do an adequate job of documenting and keeping a good catalog of our work.

We all know it is good to keep a portfolio, in fact we should keep different ones that reflect different artistic themes, media or visual narrative. With all the advancements in digital media it is easier than before. It is all about getting in the habit. Consider setting aside a time that has a bench mark . . . at the end of a semester or workshop, the summer and winter solstice . .  just find a time and make it a habit. Get others involved to keep you motivated and give you a second opinion about what to keep in and what to recycle.

Here is Gracie holding down my mixed media piece entitled ‘Trailer Trash’. Oh Gracie, such a good little helper you are and thank you for making sure you touched the Nupastle.


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