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girl friend dog1When painting animals, and pets in particular, it is helpful to have multiple photos and sketches to work from. You don’t want to be subject to just one image, if you can help it, and first hand experience is the best. In other words if you know the animal, actually get to meet it and spend time with it, then what you take away when you go to capture their likeness is their personality. Then your drawing or painting is more than an image, it is a unique personality shinning through your handiwork.

This painting, done of a dog that had passed, was based on multiple photographs and a lively discussion with the owner. This painting is a mix of a couple of different photos, this is not an exact copy of any single image they provided me with. The real satisfaction I got when this was done, was from the owners. They felt I had really captured their ‘Girl’s character. It was so her, and I had not even met her. Personality will always make a piece more engaging, work hard to see that and capture it.


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