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On Saturday January 5, I am going to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. I invite any and all to join me. I will be bringing my sketch book and possibly my small watercolor set. The Crocker opens at 10, I plan on getting an early start at 10:30, basking in and sketching Norm’s work till noonish, lunch at the Crocker Cafe, then back for a last look at my favorites and head for home by 2. Norman’s storytelling, the clear personality and body language of his subjects, is nothing short of a delight. So come find me up on the third floor with Norm, what a great way to start the new year!

. Soda_Jerk_Columbus_painting


On view on the Museum’s third floor.

This exhibition celebrates the full range of Norman Rockwell’s artwork, including rarely circulated works from the collection of the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Included in the presentation are original oil paintings of some of his most famous illustrations, drawings, war bond posters, and numerous covers that Rockwell created forThe Saturday Evening Post over nearly five decades. In addition to the artworks on view, personal correspondence and archival photographs offer insight into the life of one of the country’s most beloved illustrators.


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'Moki' in my favorite 'big nasty' charcoal

‘Moki’ in my favorite ‘big nasty’ charcoal

I appreciate the partnership I get when using traditional tools.  In all fairness the  pens and styluses are getting better and better at mimicking different drawing mediums, at simulating tilt and edge control, but they lack the independent nature the traditional mediums supply. The element of surprise, the slightly random nature of the raw material, the condition of the paper on that day at that temperature, all these variables add to a creative partnership that I do not experience in the digital realm. I do like the digital pipeline ease, the quick color and graphic add-on features, but I do not see digital drawing tools ever replacing my traditional ones, they simply expand my range of options. The dance of my thick charcoal over rough newsprint is like sculpting the form on paper. The joy of creation is challenged and enriched by the process.

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